Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jack, October 4, 2011

Jack blew into the house, like the mini tornado he is, right before lunch today. As usually, he had a big smile on his face and was ready for some glow stick action. Not sure how small children choose the "new hotness" of the moment, but he's been stuck on glow sticks now for a few months. His favorite car trip is to Party City to get a pack of every color, which he brings home, "snaps," then carries to bed with him. When he spends the night and his little tent is full of colored, glowing sticks, it's a wonderful sight. The boy is still not potty trained and is fast approaching his 4th birthday. I think my daughter-in-law has given up, which is probably a good thing because he will be ready when he's ready. He and Karen had stopped by to pick up the birthday party decorations I had ordered for his 4th birthday party on October 9 (his birthday is the 10th, but it's a Monday). Kevin's dad will be flying into town on October 8 and plans to stay for a week, helping around the new house. I wish I could express how much we love this little boy, and all his quirky habits and sayings. He now says stuff like, "Grandma, you're crazy, but...." or "weeeellllll, I believe that's not right, Grandma." Like having a conversation with a forty year old midget. I plan to do better about documenting what he says and does and take more pictures and videos. He will only be this age once and I hate for it to pass by with no memories. Love you, Jack!

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