Tuesday, August 2, 2011


After reading through my first blog post, it's pretty clear that Jack's personality hasn't changed much, nor have the things he loves. He still loves that crazy cat piano toy I got him at Target, and he still skips through all the songs to find Bingo. When he finds it, he jumps up and down, up and down, until he says his legs hurt. The other song he's kind of gotten into is Old Suzanna. I sang it for him the other day and he was very interested that another one of the songs actually had words and I knew them. He still loves the "Big Peacock" on NBC Action Weather, which is totally weird because he never really watches it. His latest new thing is "The Yellow Man." I have no clue how he got on this, but it's kind of an obsession. He is very intrigued by the faceless characters that show up on fire extinguishers, cross walks, utility boxes, etc. He likes to walk around our block and touch the yellow man, meaning he wants to see all the faceless guys on the sides of the utility boxes. He is also into the big game of Why?, which every parent hates and I find kind of fun. If I know the answer, I'll tell him, but most of the time, I don't know the answer so we have the serious, "well, Jack, Grandma just doesn't know" talk. He will ask the same questions over and over, like he is trying to trip someone up or catch us in a lie. He is just the funniest little thing every. I swear, his absolute favorite thing to do is play hide and seek with Pappa. He would do that a hundred times every day if we would let him. He is also endlessly fascinated with being outside and taking a walk, pointing out the cracks in the sidewalk, the leaves on the trees, or anything new and different he hasn't seen before. There is such a natural, innocent curiosity about him that is so hard to resist. I love walking around the block with him, which is something you just can't do if you are in any kind of hurry to get back. He runs and runs and runs, then will stop and hold your hand, or ask you to pick him up so he can give you a kiss.