Monday, February 8, 2010

Fun with Jack 2/8/10

This blog is long over-due. Jack, I hope that some day you'll read this and realize just how much your grandma loves you.
Jack, my totally awesome two year old grandson, popped over for a visit today. Well, it really wasn't a visit, his mom came over to work out on the treadmill and I just happened to be working at home. Needless to say, playing with Jack is WAY more fun than working, so I decided to sneak off for a little play time. Jack's idea of play time is: watching NBC Action News weather for the "big peacock," playing peek-a-boo (although this is typically reserved for Pappa), Playdough (worm and turtle), "Bingo" (which means playing the song Bingo over and over on the kitty keyboard I got him, and NOT playing the game Bingo), "smell" (which is taking the tub of perfume, lotion, and shampoo out of the cabinet in the bathroom and smelling every container, OR smelling all the different candles in the cabinet behind the couch), giving Pete a Milk Bone, throwing Stink's mouse, playing bowling or Elmo's Monster Maker on the iPod, reading a Courdoroy book, Mister "Mo-Tay-Bo" head, and last but not least, putting together one of his giant floor puzzles. The boy has a routine, for sure. He also likes to make cookies, drink "juice," eat fruit snacks, and dance to his Elmo DVDs. I love that little boy.